Shipping might be a little delayed but we won’t let this pandemic stop us
Shipping might be a little delayed but we won’t let this pandemic stop us
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Ch ch ch ch changes

Great big changes to the way we do things on the website are in the works!

hey there everyone. I’m laying here in bed wondering if anyone will ever read it but the info I’m writing seems like it is pretty important to get out there at 2:30 in the morning.

anyway it’s late and I’m making big business decisions. From this point forward we are going to halfway pull out of the clothing game. 
we’re going to start offering limited time offers for shirts/phone cases and such. There will be a limited time to get the shirt of the week or whatever. I’m really enjoying the sticker game right now and the game is only getting better. I’m going to try and produce as many stickers I can to keep them new!

as well as going forward with the weekly shirt deal I’m going to rework some older designs to make them work better as stickers! They will be out again as shirts but with the new design. 

It’s been a year or so since I’ve done a few of these and I feel like I could really optimize them based on what I’ve been slowly learning in illustrator! Teaching yourself is like going to school but for free. Thanks YouTube.


if you haven’t heard yet, we’ve started a coffee cult. Soon we will be pushing some amazing coffees your way and you can sip them and enjoy knowing that it came from us.

im currently working on making some collector stickers for the dark roast cult to be mailed out with every bag of coffee! COLLECT THEM ALLLLLL


anyway good night <3

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