Shipping might be a little delayed but we won’t let this pandemic stop us
Shipping might be a little delayed but we won’t let this pandemic stop us
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Hey everyone,

Welcome back to the website!
We've had to take our store down for a short period of time to adjust our entire stock.

The first thing you're going to notice is the price has gone up and the selection of shirts has gone down. After reviewing what we've been printing on thus far i've decided to bump the quality up. While the shirts we previously printed on were affordable they we're VERY thin which is both a blessing and a curse. The bigger disappointment was that they did not come in a very wide range of sizes. So instead of having two different shirts to print on they have been merged. Meaning everyone will get a size they like and everyone will get the same quality (which is a better sturdier feeling shirt). ONE SHIRT FOREVER!

We are now printing on Gildan 2000 shirts which you will find fits like a classic shirt should fit. The fabric is sturdy and thicker so you wont feel like its going to rip or stretch easy and COMES IN MORE COLOURS!

So now you will find SOME shirts in new colours like pink and lime green :D. 
So due to the change in shirt we are printing on we have been forced to also bump the price of our regular shirts to fit with the base cost of the new shirt. I've also implemented a new deal, If you buy a "logo shirt" you can also get 10% off a regular shirt! Good for up to 3 logo shirts - 3 regular shirts.

Crop tops will return, the garment we were printing on has been discontinued.

So take a look around, there is a link to our podcast as well as some videos to enjoy.

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